Creative web design & development

Our services in a nutshell

Web design
  • Responsive web sites
  • Mobile web sites
  • Joomla design
  • Multilingual sites
  • E-shop design & development (Virtuemart, Hikashop)
  • Payment integration
  • Virtuemart custom development
Web development
  • PHP development
  • JavaScript development
    (jQuery, Mootools)
  • Joomla development
  • Joomla extensions

Web design & development

We develop responsive sites for mobile and pads!

In the early days of web, putting online a few html pages to create a homesite could be seen as a pleasant hobby, or the foundations of what would become later a major site.
Today, web applications have gain in power and complexity, and offer much more than browsing through static pages.
The counterpart is that creating a website requires more knowledge than uploading a few pages created in Frontpage to a web server.

Today's sites are responsive, smartphone markets is booming.

That's why we target mobiles first and we love to play with all the css tricks, optimization and other jQuery to build this site you want!

Our philosophy to build a good website

Visual and interactive design
Visual and interactive responsive web design

A succesful web site requires a robust design that is visually appealing but also has a consistent workflow and respects User Interaction standards.
Wether we provide the design or it comes from an external studio, we carefully review all the aspects of the design with our client and make sure it visually corresponds to the identity of the company or the product it will represent.
We also guarantee that the design willl comply with today's web standards and will function accross all the available platforms it is targeting.
This is even more crucial today with the booming of mobile devices such as pads and smartphones.

Web development
joomla development

We work mostly with Joomla, because we believe it is one of the (if not the)  best cms available. It is also open source, and is actively supported by a large enthusiastic community of developers, designers and geeks alike!
Because it is open source, Joomla is also a great platform to extend its functionality and create custom applications to suit specific needs.
We also have experience with WordPress and can of course work with other cms if needed.

Klixo web consulting

Web consulting, training

Training , support
  • On site training
  • Joomla courses
  • Distance learning
  • Support forum
Site optimisation
  • SEO
  • Debugging
  • Maintenance
  • Day-to-day web editing
  • Language service
  • Translation
  • Content creation

"Apps" Development

Because the World (wide web) is not enough!

Want to get into the Mobile World?
We can develop a mobile version of your site, or help you create that killer app you need!
We propose multi platform development for other distribution channels and mobile devices.

  • Web
  • Mobile (iPhone, Android)
  • Pads (iPad, Android)