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Slideshow created with Klixo Articles Slider module

Lake in Sweden

Lake in Sweden

Flowers in the Alps

Flowers in the Alps

Canadair CL 415 scooping

Canadair CL 415

The Alps

Alpine Mountains

Plane at the airport

Plane at airport

Castle in France

Castle in France

PT 17 Stearman

PT 17

Canadair CL 415

Canadair CL 415 close-up

If you like Klixo Articles Slider, you can consider a small donation to contribute to its future development.

This module lets you create beautiful sliders and ticker boxes from Joomla articles.

  • You can select one or several categories of articles to use in the slider.
  • It has many settings to let you customize it exactly the way you need.
  • You can create several instances of the article slider module on the same page with different settings and content for each one.
  • The Klixo Article slider module uses Jquery to provide different transitions effects to choose from.
  • The admin interface is detailed and complete. Color settings can be adjusted using a real colorpicker, like in a Photoshop (no more color guessing by typing hexacodes). You can of course type the hexacode in the colorfields if you know which color you need to use!
  • Almost everything is adjustable in the parameters to offer endless possibilities.


Need Plus? Such as fully responsive layout, K2 support, CSS3 3D transitions and more? Please have a look at our Klixo Slideshow Plus! module.

Versions and updates

- Version 1.3.6 (27th Februray 2014)
- Corrections to PHP code for compliance with PHP strict standards.

- Version 1.3.5 (06th Februray 2014)
- Minor corrections to the code. Undefined variable would cause PHP notice on servers where display_errors = on and error_reporting = E_ALL or error_reporting = E_ALL | E_STRICT (Note that these settings should not be used on production servers.)

- Version 1.3.4 (22nd January 2014)
- Fixes transparent background issue for the navbar.
- Added 2 settings to change the color for the slides numbers (normal and selected) in the navbar.
- All the module css is now placed in the head of the document. Minified version of the css to reduce file size.

- Version 1.3.2 (19th December 2013)
- Compatibility improvement to javaScript code

- Version 1.3.0 (16th December 2013)
- Bug corrected with transparent background that would display a black background instead.
- Use minified javaScript for faster loading.
- Version 1.2.0 (28th November 2013)
Fixes possible compatibility issues with some extensions. Better CSS scaling when several slider modules are shown on the same page.
- Version 1.0.9 (25th November 2013)
The module now has a CSS scaling option for responsive layouts, using CSS transform matrix.

- Version 1.0.8 (November 2013)
Versions for Joomla 2.5 and 3 are packaged in one single extension.
Now uses Joomla updater for automatic updates.

- Version 1.0.7 (October 2013)
Fixed transparent background issue for Joomla 3 version of the module.

- Version 1.0.6 (May 2013)
Added the option to sort the slides by modified date, from a user suggestion.

- Version 1.0.5 (April 2013)
Compatibility update for Joomla 3.x
- Version 1.0.3 (December 2012)
Updated to use jQuery libray v1.8.3

- Version 1.0.2 (May 2012)

Includes German translation. Thanks to Wolfgang T for translating the language files.



Parameters screen for Klixo Article sliders module:


klixo articles slider module for Joomla parameters screen