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Klixo Watermark is a powerful content plugin for Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x. It is developed to protect your images by automatically applying a text and/or an image watermark to the Joomla articles images of your site.
The plugin code automatically replaces the original images by a watermarked version of them before the page is served to the client browser. Klixo Watermark plugin is non destructive, all original images are kept untouched and can be reused at any time by simply unpublishing the plugin.

If you use K2 and/or Simple Image Gallery on your site, you may be interested in Klixo Watermark for K2 (and Joomla articles) plugin.

stearman biplane

Image watermark

  • Use any png or jpeg image as a watermark
  • Adjust size
  • Choose position
  • Adjust opacity
  • Adjust rotation angle
sunset over the ocean

Text watermark

  • Type custom text
  • Select the font
  • Adjust font size
  • Adjust font color
  • adjust opacity
  • Orient and position the text on the watermarked images.
Lac Serre Ponçon France

Combine everything

  • Use text and image watermarking simultaneously
  • Apply watermarks only to specified image classes
  • Works with JPEG, PNG, GIF and BMP* images
  • Place watermarks on articles content images
  • Place watermarks on articles Intro image
  • Place watermarks on Full article image

*16 bits BMPs may cause issues (bmp images should not be used on websites anyway ;) )

Purchase Klixo Watermark
7€ ( ≈ 8$ )

Klixo Watermark settings

Plugin version

klixo watermark plugin versionThe plugin version field informs you when a new version is available for download and install.

General settings

klixo watermark general settingsKlixo Watermark Plugin handles images inserted in the content of Joomla articles, Intro image and Full article image.

Apply to: You can select which Joomla articles images should be watermarked from the plugin settings.
  • Content images
  • Intro Images
  • Full Article images
  • Content and Intro images
  • Content and Full Article images
  • Content, Intro and Full Article images

Watermark type: You can create a text watermark or copyright notice, an image watermark or use both (image and Text watermarks) and apply it only to selected images using the class filter setting.

Use class filter: if you want to watermark only certain images in your Joomla articles, you can specify one or several css classes in the plugin settings.
When using the class filter, the plugin will watermark only the content images having one of the CSS classes specified in the settings.
For example, if you enter the class "protected" in the Image Class(es) field, the plugin processes only the images having this class in their html image tag.
You can enter several classes into the Image Class field. Simply separate each class name by a comma. ClassOne,classTwo etc.
Note that class names are CaSe sensitive!

Stork on a fieldWatermark Lightbox images: The plugin is compatible with many popular lightbox scripts such as JCE Mediabox. To watermark lighbox images links, enter the class used by the lightbox script in the Lighbox classes field. If you use several scripts, separate each class name with a comma.

In the example on the left, the thumbnail image has the CSS class "noCopy" and the JCE Mediabox plugin creates links having the CSS class "jcepopup".
To process both the thumbnail and the large image link, the plugin is set to watermark content images having the class "noCopy" and lightbox classes "jcepopup".


Image Watermark settings

Image settings Klixo Watermark plugin for Joomla

You can use any image to create a watermark. The complete settings let you adjust size, opacity, rotation and position on the targets images.

Text Watermark settings

Text settings Klixo Watermark plugin for Joomla

You can type any text to create a watermark or copyright notice. As for the image watermark, the settings let you adjust size, opacity, rotation and position of the text on the target images.

Watermark font

The plugin comes with a selection of open source fonts. If you prefer to use another font, upload the font file in truetype (ttf) format into the fonts folder of the plugin.
Path to the fonts folder:
site root/plugins/content/klixowatermark/fonts
Once uploaded, the font becomes available from the Watermark font drop down menu.

Font size

The font size can be specified in points (pt) or as a percentage (%) relative to the target image.
If you specify % for the units, the font size will be calculated as a percentage of the biggest side for each image.
For example a value of 5% will produce a font size of 20 pixels (≈15 points) for a 400x200 pixels image and a font size of 50 pixels (≈38 points) for a 1000x1000 pixels image.

Advanced settings

klixo watermark plugin for Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.x advanced settings

The advanced settings offer more control on the plugin behavior.
Save watermarked images in:

  • Original format. The watermarked image will have the same file format as the original image (by default BMP files are converted to png, unless you select Jpeg format as output format.)
  • Png format. All watermarked images are saved in PNG.
  • Jpeg format. All watermarked images are saved in JPEG.

Use the Jpeg quality slider to adjust the quality of Jpeg images created by the plugin.

Activate plugin:

You can activate the Watermark plugin  Only for Joomla articles component or Always.
When selecting "Only for Joomla articles component" the watermark plugin code is executed only for Joomla articles.
If you select "Always" the plugin will be triggered also for other components and modules.
For instance, if you want the plugin to function with the Joomla module Custom HTML, you should select Always.
Some third party components use the same method as the Joomla articles component to render their content. When set to Always, the watermark plugin may work on the images displayed by these components.

Time out protection: is a very useful setting for sites that use a lot of images. If set to Yes the plugin will process each image separately when the page is rendered, rather than processing all the images in one single batch. This allows the page to load faster when the images are processed and prevents to reach php max_execution_time if there are too many images to watermark.

Note that once the images are processed and watermarked, they are saved in the Joomla cache folder and the plugin will not have to do intensive work each time the page is loaded. In other words, there is no performance impact when using the plugin.

URL format: You can choose different url formatting for the watermarked images. (Append base path, relative URLs, absolute URLs). Append base path is the default and recommended setting.

If you need help with Klixo Watermark Plugin, you are welcome to post your questions in the support forum.
Please note that support for this extension is available only for registered customers with a valid subscription.

We offer seven days money back guarantee on our paid extensions.

We have developed this Joomla extension with great care and tested it thoroughly on different browsers, platforms and Joomla installations to ensure maximum compatibility and stability.

However due to the huge number of extensions available for Joomla, testing every possible setup would be virtually impossible.

Therefore, we cannot guarantee that our extension will work on a specific installation, especially if you have a large number of extensions installed. Conflicts between extensions can always happen, one crashing the other.
Support for paid extensions is available through our support forum to customers with a valid subscription. We cannot answer support requests by email.

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