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Issuu™ Smart Look is a service provided by to automatically convert your pdf documents into online publications. Visitors don't have to download the files anymore, instead they can browse the pdf documents online.
Our Issuu™ Smart Look system plugin is designed to make the integration easier on your Joomla site, by adding the required javaScript code onto the website pages to enable the Issuu™ Smart Look functionality.

How to use:

Instructions in French are available here (

1. First you should have a valid Issuu™ account.

2. Once logged into your Issuu account,
3. Go to You should see a page with the following elements:


Issuu SmartLook fields


4. In the domain field, enter YOUR domain name (not



5. Click on the Button


6. From the code that appears on the field under the Get Code button, COPY ONLY the guid code (without the quotes symbols). You will PASTE it into the GUID field of the plugin settings.

Issuu smartLook code example


Now you have:

- Your guid code.

- Domain should be your site domain name.


7. In the settings of Issuu™ Smart Look plugin, simply fill-in the two fields with the above values (guid code and domain name), enable the plugin and you're done!

issuu plugin settings

You may have to open the pdf documents on the site and wait a few moments before it is converted by the Issuu™ service.


Please note:

I have developed this plugin to make the integration of Issuu™ Smart Look easier on Joomla sites, and I hope it will be useful to you too.
But I am not affiliated in any way with Issuu. Any question and matter regarding their services should be addressed with them directly.