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Klixo Slideshow Plus, CSS3 transitions demo



castle in the French Alps

Slide 3

Sunset with windmills over Skåne in Sweden

windmills at sunset in Skåne, Sweden

Slide 9

Windsurf Corsica

jf windsurf tonnara Corsica

Slide 5

Luxury hotel and pool

Luxury hotel with beautiful pool on the French Riviera

Slide 2

Petit Special racer airplane model

petit special racer, airplane model

Slide 6



Slide 7



Slide 4



Slide 8

Frying pan

frying pan

Slide 1

This demo uses CSS3 and 3D CSS3 transitions available on Klixo Slideshow Plus.
Modern browsers  like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE10 + and mobile platforms render best CSS3 animations. They also use hardware acceleration when available for CSS 3D animations. This is why the CSS3 transitions available on Klixo Slideshow Plus render smoothly and are the best choice for mobile platforms and recent browsers.
If the transition cannot render properly on the client browser, the module will use a standard javaScript transition instead.

Click here to see the slideshow using standard javaScript transitions

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If you look at this demo using an older browser (IE9 for instance) the css3 effects will be replaced by javascript transitions.
- IE10 renders css3 transitions but doesn't understand CSS 3D transforms instructions correctly. (The module automatically replaces 3D transitions by standard ones to preserve compatibility).
- IE11 plays all the css3 transitions smoothly, but some effects using CSS 3D transforms like the cube 3D transition still render weirdly in IE11. Once again Internet Explorer has its own way to interpret css...